Our Services

Azora Development is a licensed builder and in good standing with Pacific Home Warranty.
According to all inspection reports including final inspections provided by Pacific Home
Warranty, all the group projects are rated good quality due to their high standards. Pacific
Home Warranty sample assessments and references can be provided upon requests. Azora’s
methodology in real estate development starts from feasibility and acquisition of the projects.
Relying on its in-house capability of real estate marketing resulting from the real estate license
of one of the principals, the company tailors the projects to the demand market, and develops
high-quality, space- and energy-efficient, and amiable units to the new home buyers. Due to
the company’s strong market research capabilities to develop the best product in terms of selling
features and quality, and at the right location and competitive price, Azora projects usually sell
fast and set new record prices in the areas. Respectively high return on investments is usually
achieved. Another competitive advantage of Azora is rooted in its expertise and attention to
details in its house construction management and supervision team. Working and establishing
relationship with reliable and experienced crews and trades, Azora consistently delivers its
projects on time and budget, and with the great quality. Azora Group provides project and
construction management services to clients in Vancouver B.C. from project concept to completion
and maintenance the construction projects. Azoragroup main services include:

  • Construction management
  • Site development
  • New Construction
  • Custom Houses
  • Renovation